Monowheel initiation training

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This training is an initiation training, after which you should be able to drive independently carefully


This course gives you the opportunity to learn your first steps and a number of basic actions.
The training lasts from 45 minutes to a maximum of 60 minutes.

Please feel free to accompany a relative, maybe you can both practice for the same price.

During this course we learn You the basics of:

  • getting on the wheel
  • keeping your balance
  • driving straight on
  • take turns left and right
  • braking and getting off
  • taking small obstacles

After this introduction we will let you try for fifteen minutes, after which we can do a fun exercise depending on your skills, and your sense of balance will be tightened up.

If you purchase a monowheel within a month, the cost of this training will be reduced (the price of only one lesson).

Because everyone has a different rhythm to learn things, this training is not result-related. You can say if you have learned how to cycle, you can definitely learn to ride a monowheel, the learning curve is about the same. But the link with the bike stops because you do not have to be able to cycle to tame a monowheel, you only need a portion of daring.