InMotion V11

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The V11 from InMotion, the first air suspension monowheel is an 18 inch wheel with a 3 inch wide tire, a powerful headlamp and clear rear light

Made for long distances and off-road

Recently proposed by InMotions CEO


The V11 is a Pro Machine from InMotion. With its 18 inch wheel it is the first in their new product line and with its 7cm air suspension it is also a world first.

The 18 "wheel with a width of 3" ensures that you stick to the track and also perform well on off-road while the rider enjoys the super comfortable padding and large pedals.

With a 7800Lux headlight and a super large and bright rear light, you are as visible as a car.

A handy upright was also mounted for parking.

The top speed would be around 55 Km / h

With a dual charger it will be fully loaded in 5 hours and keep you on the road for some 100 kms

This wheel is IP 55 certified


  • Long distances
  • road
  • off road
  • intensive use

for a little sneak peak:


Data sheet

1500 Wh / 84V
Dual charger port
Real autonomy
70 - 80 Km
Engine power
2200 Watt
Front and rear light
Stop lights
Max. driver weight
120 kg
Bluetooth APP
IP 55
air suspension
Max. Speed
25 Km / h
Top speed
50 Km/h
27 Kg
28/5000 Air pump for shock absorber
Charger 84V / 2,5A
key set
valve extender
18" x 3"
Energy recuperation

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