InMotion V8F

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InMotion's V8F is an interesting upgrade of the V8 which has already proven its reliability


The V8F is built on a 16 inch wheel. This makes this wheel ideal for busier city traffic.

The new concept has a better stability, larger pedals, side pads, a more powerfull engine and a slightly bigger battery than its brother the V8

There is a switch in the handle that causes a cut-off of the engine when it is lifted so that it does not spin unnecessarily when it is lifted. When you release the button, the engine switches on again. This Cut-Off function can be switched off with the InMotion app.

Due to its solidity and its reliability, this is a wheel to take with you every day to and from the office and to the train and back. With its 14.5 kg, the device is still portable, although that's not really necessary because a sturdy trolley has been incorporated into the device. The device has no problem with normal rain, since it is IP55 certified. After a rain shower you don't lay the device down but you put it upright to drip off. It is not a submarine so it is best to drive around the puddles and not in it.

The device can be safely securely with a bicycle lock

The InMotion App connects to the wheel via Bluetooth


Data sheet

4 - 5 u
518 Wh
Real autonomy
30 - 40 km
Engine power
1000 Watt
Ambient light RGB and programmable
Front and rear light
Max. driver weight
120 kg
Bluetooth APP
Cut-Off on lifting
Weight: 14,5 kg
Max. helling
Max. Speed
25 Km / h
speed limiter
Energy recuperation

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